Hey guys, hope you are staying safe and doing well on this bizarre holiday season we are navigating this year. I thought I would put together a quick guide on equestrian gift ideas (perfect to send to a spouse or your family 😜). This guide is mostly focused on supporting local Alberta-based businesses, with a sprinking of BC in there. Alright, let’s get right to it!

1. A Gift Card for G&E, Horse and Rider, or Spruce Grove Feeds.

Simple enough! A gift card in any amount will always be used up and appreciated by equestrians. There is always something our horses need or have broken and needs replacing. These small, local run shops would really appreciate your business this year!

2. A Gift Card for an Equine Chiropractic or Acupuncture Session

Dr. Emily Graham and Dr Brandy Rimmer of Westhills Equine Vet Services are both members of the College of Animal Chiropractors and are certified in Veterinary Chiropractic care as Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapists (VSMT). Using Animal Chiropractic/ VSMT is a unique and whole body approach to multiple issues including injuries, performance, lameness and preventative care. They also provide medical acupuncture which is a therapeutic method involving insertion of fine sterile needles and is an adaptation of Chinese acupuncture. Medical acupuncture involves knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology with an emphasis on evidence based medicine.

3. A Custom Bonnet from CovEared Up Customs

These gorgeous bonnets are handmade in Ardrossan, AB. Completely customizable, you can either have one made or purchase a gift card. There are also a few stocked right in The Yeg Equestrian Shop ready to go! The quality is unmatched and you are supporting a local, woman-led business!

4. A Gift Card for a Clip with Andis Clipping

Don’t know what is going on here? That’s ok! Horses often need to be clipped in the winter so they can cool out easily after they are worked. Andi is the best in the biz and can do amazing designs as well! Learn more about clipping and her services on her website!

5. A Donation on their behalf to Can Praxis

Sometimes the person you are buying for already seems to have everything. Can Praxis is a Canadian registered charity, that provides equestrian enriched mental health recovery programs for Canadian Veterans and First Responders (serving and retired) living with an Operational Stress Injury (OSI), such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This program is based right here in Alberta and does amazing work.

6. A Gift Card for a PEMF Session with Cavallo Pulse Therapy

PEMF or Pulse Therapy sends a magnetic pulse into the body up to 16 inches deep stimulating the cells. Each pulse pushes and pulls on the cells increasing circulation which then helps flush out toxins, waste and inflammation. Many modalities on the market have the same concept of increasing circulation but PEMF is different because of a larger surface area, deep penetration & non invasive application.

Edmonton Equine Photographer

7. A Equine Photography Session with The Yeg Equestrian

I mean this should probably be higher on the list seeing how this is my website and post 😂 Nevertheless, yes you can purchase a giftcard for a photosession with me. Another option is to purchase prints or products from their photographer if they already had a session done this year! Show photos, anything goes!

8. Apparel or Accessories from Gray & Bay Horse Co.

This is a BC Based business, but a small business! Their tees and sweaters are stylish and comfortable and they even have kids sizing as well. Matching Mini + Mama outfits anyone? Get your orders in ASAP to get them shipped in time!

9. A Gift Card for a Class with Mane Equestrian Athletics

Desiree Sieben runs Mane Equestrian Athletics, which hosts a variety of fitness and yoga classes especially for equestrians. During this past year as things changed, classes are now offered virtually! With a new intake in January, this is the perfect time for the equestrian enthusiast on your list to receive a gift like this one!

10. Treats from Branwen’s Horse Cookies

Arguably the most talented horse cookie maker in all of Alberta, Branwen creates some of the most beautiful and lifelike horse cookies I’ve ever seen. They are so popular that you might not be able to get your hands on any before Christmas 😱. Not to fret, she also offers gift cards. There is also a few of her rainbow donuts stocked in The Yeg Equestrian Shop.

11. Equus Soap Co Products

Also a BC based business, Equus Soap Co makes beautiful natural products for horses and people alike. Their soaps look and smell amazing, and the owner Sarah is probably getting tired of my comments on Instagram telling her I want to eat these soaps. SERIOUSLY though, check them out on Instagram because their products are gorgeous, natural and affordable! Order soon to avoid shipping delays!

12. Fine Art Prints from The Red Barn Loft

A lovely Alberta artist, Kim Landsdell offers her farm and nature inspired art as fine-art prints. Custom commissions are also available, though the Christmas cutoff has passed. Browse Kims available prints on her Etsy shop, or pickup one of my personal favorites ‘Sweet Innocence’ (pictured) in The Yeg Equestrian Shop.

13. Apparel or Equine Accessories from Basics Equestrian

Ok this one kind of breaks the rules a bit because this is an Ontario based shop, however it is a small business and woman-led. Plus I absolutely adore their aesthetic and products! Getting back to the basics creating functional, affordable, and quality products. If you want to pick some up locally, The Yeg Equestrian Shop does carry the Polos but they have much more!

14. Pay for a Lesson(s) with their Coach

This one only works if you know a bit about them and who they train with, or IF they even ride with a coach! Riding can get expensive and most coaches would be happy to sell you a gift card or have you prepay for some of their lessons. This would be an awesome gift!


Horse are expensive as hell. They are constantly breaking things, getting injured, and requiring stuff like hay, water, and a place to live. The ultimate freeloaders, give your gift recipient a stack of bills and just watch them start crying with joy.

This precious face would never ask for your money right? WRONG.