It was a pleasure to meet the creators of the LundinTOOL earlier this year! Steff and Kris are a husband and wife team from southern Alberta who brought this patented multi-tool to life. Together we captured an array of images and videos for LT to showcase both their tool and the faces behind the Alberta designed invention.

Q. What is the LundinTOOL? What can it be used for?

The LundinTOOL™ is a patented, all-in-one horse care multi-tool. It consists of a; Knife, Hoof Pick, Touch-Up Rasp, Bot Egg Knife & Holster. It is perfect for trail rides, rodeos, horse shows, or simply visiting your horse in the paddock or pasture. The LundinTOOL™ is suitable for all breeds and sizes of horses; from the smallest mini, to the largest draft. It is extremely durable, yet compact and lightweight. Attach it to your belt or saddle to always have it with you!

Q. What inspired you to create the LundinTOOL?

The LundinTOOL™ (pronounced loon-din) was inspired by, and named after, my beloved yearling Clydesdales, Odin and Luna, whose lives were cut short in the most unfair of ways. 

I created this tool as a need for myself as well as the horse industry. I wanted to create something that was convenient and straightforward for horse owners to provide basic horse care. I want the LundinTOOL™ to inspire horse owners to bond with their horses in the simplest, yet most effective way – spending time together performing basic horse care tasks. 

Q. Who runs LundinTOOL/Old Soul Ranch? Where are you located?

Old Soul Ranch Ltd. is owned and operated by myself (Steff) & my husband, Kris. We are located 10 minutes north of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, nestled on 153 acres of fully treed forest. We have created a sanctuary here to provide ALL animals – wild and domestic – a safe, nurturing haven to call home. Everything we do at Old Soul Ranch is in the best interest of the animals. 

To learn more about Steff, Kris, and the full story of why their whole hearts are in everything they do, you can read all about Old Soul Ranch here >>

Q. What makes the LundinTOOL different from other multitools?

The LundinTOOL™ is different from any other multi-tool because there is nothing else like it on the market. This has allowed us to patent our design and create a tool that was useful and needed for all horse owners. 

The LundinTOOL™ is of the highest quality and durability – all specific specs can be found on our website This tool has surpassed all quality control measures, including durability tests. We have sourced only the best materials available. 

Q. Are bulk orders or custom LT’s available? 

Bulk ordering is available for the LundinTOOL™ as well as bulk order pricing! We are also introducing 2 new Special Edition colors that will be available for purchase at the beginning of May. 

Q. What is Old Soul Ranch’s ‘Movement for Change?

Our “Movement For Change” is all about the care that we provide for our horses and the bond that we share with them.

Too often I see horses that are just placed in a field and forgotten about. With the LundinTOOL™, I want to inspire horse owners to bond with their horses in the simplest, yet most effective way – spending time together performing basic horse care tasks. I want to inspire horse owners to make a difference in their animals’ lives. I want to inspire them to understand their horses better and care for their horses differently. Inspire them to work and be with their horses at liberty.

I want to create A Movement For Change in the horse industry from the “old school” way of training and horse care into one of respect. Because when you offer your horse respect – you earn their trust – you build a relationship – you rejoice in the love & you become a team. You allow your horse to become its best self.

“Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts and offer it to any human who possesses the humility to listen. Their souls touch and change the lives of all who are around them, and we will do our part to touch and change them.” ~ Old Soul Ranch Ltd.