Hi guys! Today I have Keely Gibb, owner of Cavallo Pulse Therapy to tell us a little bit about what PEMF is and how it can be used in the Equine world! Thank you Keely for taking the time to share with us, if you want to book a Pulse session with Keely, her contact info is below!

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PEMF or Pulse Therapy sends a magnetic pulse into the body up to 16 inches deep stimulating the cells. Each pulse pushes and pulls on the cells increasing circulation which then helps flush out toxins, waste and inflammation. Many modalities on the market have the same concept of increasing circulation but PEMF is different because of a larger surface area, deep penetration & non invasive application.  Many human studies have shown PEMF can decrease healing time in bone fracture/breaks, as more studies are published we are seeing pain and inflammation reducing abilities. Although PEMF has been around in the equine world for more than 30 years there are very little studies other than anecdotal claims. Many of the claims from equine owners have seen horses more energetic, more relaxed/supple through their body, more joint mobility & better range of motion. 

PEMF is just one of the many modalities & that’s why Keely Gibb who owns Cavallo Pulse Therapy is constantly continuing her education and knowledge to better understand biomechanics, anatomy and therapy techniques. During appointments you would expect a static & motion assessment of your horse to gain as much information before facilitation of any equine therapy. Each horse owner is provided with personalized stretching and mobilization exercise program to improve your horses mobility and flexibility between routine appointments. 

Adding therapy into your athletes program can be very beneficial to improve performance & well being. They are athletes & deserve to be able to perform at their full potential. 

equine pulse therapy

1) How long does a session typically last?

Sessions vary as we have a few different options. Our shortest is a 15min PEMF spot session most commonly used for injuries and our longest is 1hr 30min which covers 4 legs and body PEMF. 

2) Is there any before/after care for a session?

Before a session we only ask the horse owners to minimize use of fly sprays, liniments and other ointments as it may effect the results because the cells in the body absorb things at a much faster rate. For aftercare depending on the session we may as the horse owner to walk or exercise their horse after to let their bodies move. 

3) Are sessions more of ongoing maintenance or are one off sessions beneficial as well? How frequent if ongoing?

Most of my appointments are for routine maintenance as horses can change so quickly, generally i see the clients every 4-6 weeks sometimes sooner if they are competitively showing. I don’t often do one off sessions as most clients see results pretty quickly and want to continue. Having a few sessions can be beneficial for both myself and the horse owner as we can keep track of any changes that may occur, especially if we are working on strengthening. 

4) What are some reactions you see from the horses during a session?

Often horses who have never seen a PEMF loop before will be very curious and nervous but as soon as we start they settle very quickly and show signs of relaxation like licking, chewing, yawning etc. A very interesting situation happened to me while working on a mare who had had tension down the lumbar/gluteal junction every time I moved to that area she would turn and nicker to me. I thought it was a fluke until she did it on the other side ! Horses will definitely tell you where they want to be worked on! 

equine pulse therapy

5) Are there any requirements when booking a session? (Indoor area needed, plug in access required, etc).

A plug in is definitely required if I’m doing a PEMF session, indoor arenas aren’t a requirement as i have done horses in shelters. If were doing massage it is definitely a bonus if i can work outside when its nice out ! 

6) Are their qualifications someone should look for in a PEMF practitioner?

No unfortunately there aren’t at this time, Alberta has no regulations when it comes to PEMF or Body workers. I say unfortunately because anyone can purchase a PEMF device and work on a horse with no knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, contraindications etc. I think it’s important as a horse owner to ask questions to who may be working with your athlete, we all start somewhere but it’s important to work within your knowledge. 

7) What is the cost for a session? 

Sessions vary in cost from $30-$150. Generally our first session will cost a little more as we do an assessment. 

8) Do you offer any other services along with PEMF?

Yes I do currently do massage & myofascial release along with PEMF. Our first session together we would spend time doing a Initial history form, assessment, therapy session then go over exercises you can do with your horse between appointments. I also work quite closely with a saddle fitter who we monitor changes in client horses to keep better track of when the saddle may need adjusting. With all the exercises we would expect the horse to build muscle and positively change, so it’s important to work with other equine professionals to help horse owners progress.

equine pulse therapy

Thank you Keely for sharing a little bit about Pulse Therapy! If you have an idea for a feature, contact us a Hello@TheYegEquestrian.com!